Chris Abbey

Howdy, I've always had a dual focus in life, especially in college and university... both technical and artistic. As a result I have degrees in both Arts and Sciences. I tend to not have much chance to use the artistic side of the brain while working as an embedded systems engineer, so it tends to come out after hours. I've had a few years worth of photography classes in college, and always found them enjoyable, but had more success with the camera than in the dark room. Some time ago I started digitizing my 35mm negs and playing with them in a digital darkroom, someday I'll upload a few of those scans as well.
Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright Chris Abbey or Cory Abbey. (rule of thumb: if it came from a Powershot SD600, or the 20D after June 2009, it's Cory's. The 20D prior to June 2009 and the 5DmkII are all Chris'.)